Cookery Courses & Classes

Love2cook classes are a fun and entertaining way to spend an evening, or a series of evenings, while gaining valuable and practical knowledge and learning a life skill. The classes are designed to show you how to prepare simple, interesting and stylish food from around the world. In each class you will learn to cook great dishes, and enjoy the food prepared in a relaxed, informal, and fun atmosphere and by the end you should be able to wow your friends and family with a variety of great dishes.

Classes are small, and normally limited to a maximum number of 8 and a minimum of 4 people. At each session you will receive copies of all recipes and a chance to sample and enjoy all the dishes prepared, or bring home with you if you prefer. Special tailor made classes can also be arranged for groups.

If you are enthusiastic about food and interested in learning how to cook your favourite dish, then contact us for details of a course that will best suit you. Our courses include a 4 Week Cookery Course, a night of Thai food, Italian, Indian, Home Baking, One Pot Wonders and more, for a selection of our classes check out the Cookery Class Details below.

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4 Week

Like entertaining friends or family at home? This 4 week evening course is designed to show you how to prepare simple, interesting and stylish food from around the world over a series of 4 classes. The course is perfect for those with a little cookery knowledge or none at all. Each week we visit a different country, and you will learn about the ingredients, cooking skills and various techniques specific to the region, with tips on how to ensure perfect results every time. At the end of the 4 weeks you should be able to wow your friends and family with a variety of great meals !

A Taste

Thai food and its distinctive character has never been more popular with the Irish palate. Quick to prepare, and healthy to book, why not learn how to merge the fabulous, sweet, salty, hot and sour flavours of this unique cuisine, and recreate some authentic Thai classics at home…..

A Taste
Italy I & II

Are you an Italian food lover and want to bring a little bit of Italy into your home ? Loved the world over, Italian food is the ideal cuisine for the home cook. In these classes we reproduce several classic Italian recipes, quick and easy to prepare, that will certainly impress friends and family !

A Taste

French cuisine is revered the world over. In this class, we recreate some of the chic classics… French onion soup, gratin dauphinois, salade chevre chaude, duck, to name but a few…. sure to impress friends and family !


Learn to bake – breads, cakes, scones, tarts and more… tthese classes usually run over 2 sessions and you’ll learn to bake traditional soda breads, scones, muffins, make pastry, yeast breads, tray bakes….

Night !

Do you love sushi and interested in learning this age-old Japanese art? Served as a starter or a main, sushi not only looks delicious but is very nutritious. In this class we’ll show you the ingredients you need and how to prepare, roll and present your own sushi.


Whether you are a vegetarian yourself or just want to cook creative dishes for vegetarian friends and family, this course is for you…..

A Taste
the Sea I & II

In this class we focus on fish and seafood and how to buy, prepare, and cook a range of wonderful seafood dishes. The recipes are adaptable and simple to recreate. From chowders to simple pan fries, take the mystery out of cooking fish and sign up for a class today…

A Taste

The food of the subcontinent is as diverse as the country itself.  In this class we’ll show you a range of Indian starters, mains and side dishes and how to blend the delicate spices to recreate the flavours of India.

A Taste

Do you like to cook, and interested in taking home some tips from an Irish Kitchen ? Or just want to recreate some of mother’s cooking ? This class will show you how to prepare a variety of favourite Irish dishes, including Soda bread, Leek & Potato Soup, Beef & Guinness Casserole and scrumptious crumble !

Quick & Easy

Bored of the same weekday meals? This class will show you a variety of interesting, delicious, healthy and inexpensive meals that can be rustled up in a jiffy, using leftovers and store cubboard ingredients….


A class designed to make breakfast and brunch more exciting – homemade muffins, smoked salmon drop scones, French toast with bananas, light & tasty omelettes, Bacon & Avocado toast and more….an extra reason to get up early on that weekend morning!